Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bringing myself to Broga Hill

Hello readers i am back! TADA...

I am really excited to write this post here! Am so sleepy now but wait a moment i still have a little energy left to blog! Hehe... Why am i so excited? Broga? What's with Broga? Oh that hill... So?

Well it was my first time hiking during my three years working in Selangor! So i am super duper excited that i finally got this chance to go hiking! Also I need to lose weight so yeah hiking helps too. But my biggest reason is, i want to work hard myself to see good scenery. I know nothing comes easy. Things that come easy won't last. =)

So in less than a month i have been to Semenyih (where Broga Hill is located) for 3 times. The first time i was in Semenyih for lunch i passed by Broga and i was like, oh that famous hill is located here! OIC~~~ LOL damn bad in geography! haha~~~ So i began planning and yes thanks to the supportive friends we finally set a date to go hiking~ Wohooooo.... Excited but scared! haha What if it was a hard hike, what if i fall.. Aiya cincai la... Just go with the flow hehe... Oh ya i will be the tour guide in Broga since i have been to Broga twice. Hiking trip completes the 3 times =D

From KL to Semenyih is an hour drive. So we left at 6. Arrived at 7. Had breakfast in Semenyih. So we had this 'lai fun kon lou'. It was real good. I don't really know what the shop (actually it is a house with lots of motors) is called. Am not even sure if it has a name haha.. but i can tell you almost where it was located. It was located after the Broga Hill entrance, on the left before the morning market place (on the right), before the huge pintu gerbang of broga. Sorry for the bad explanation haha!

The delicious lai fun

So after breakfast we U-turn (because breakfast place is after hill entrance haha) and arrived at Broga Hill entrance. It is easy to locate the hill entrance. Car parking entrance is RM3 and toilet is RM1!!! Damn expensive weiiii! Anyway can park roadside, i bet no charges. So yea hiking starts at 7.30am and we came down after conquering 3 peaks. Heard that the fourth peak was like 4.5km away so we skipped that. The hike was not easy and was not that hard. Youngsters do go! We took almost 2.5 hours. We did scream aloud when we reached the top haha! It was so much fun!

The entrance

 The view

 Yup we made it!

 The hikers of the day!

So after hiking we went for coconut shake break! The stall is super famous! Called the Boyfriend Coconut Shake =) 1 cup sold at RM4. With ice cream is RM4.50. They also have dragon fruit and pineapple shake. This place is easy to find, from Broga Hill entrance head toward Broga village, pass by the lai fun place, enter the pintu gerbang and on your left, keep looking for the signage. This coconut shake is the hiking motivation for Miss Jennifer! haha such a cutie!

 The signage, this place is 3 min drive away from hill entrance

RM4 coconut shake

Next, continue on driving into the village and one shall see the magnificent Sun Wukong statue above a hill on your right. This place is called Broga Sak Dato Temple. Keep calm, pray on and continue driving. From the temple, go left into a small one lane road. Don't be afraid and just drive on and you will end up in a place with no internet connection and network service haha... anyway on your right there is this restaurant by a lake with lots of durian trees! This place is called, Yap Grilled Fish Thai. Ok i ate here thrice. Prices for 5 to 8 person ranges around RM140 to RM170 for 6 to 7 dishes. OK what to order? Sea salt fish, fried chicken, tomyam, green curry.

If you continue on driving in there'll be a durian orchard. Never been but heard of it. OK lah.. chao!

OK Broga i will be back! My aunt ask me to bring my cousin go la.. haha... so yea till we meet again broga!

Good night readers =) It's Thursday night! Friday soon! =)

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